If you have been having problems with a few trees in your yard dying back too early in the season or growing foliage that is splotchy, you may have found out that the trees are diseased. If you have many trees in your yard that have not yet been affected, you may worry about the diseased trees contaminating them and have decided to take them down.

Even if the trees are small enough and far enough away from structures that you feel you can safely take them down yourself, you should rethink doing so. There are a couple of reasons why you should hire a professional service to remove the diseased trees in your yard instead of attempting to do so yourself.

1. They Can Contain the Branches and Debris as Much as Possible to Prevent Contact with Other Trees in Your Yard

One reason why you should rely on a professional service to remove the diseased trees on your property is that the workers have access to equipment and the necessary knowledge to ensure that the branches and debris are contained as much as possible. If you start cutting off branches yourself, leaves, bark, and other diseased parts of the trees will fly around and could spread to the healthy trees surrounding them.

If care is not taken, you could wind up with many more trees that are diseased and need removal. A professional will know just how to remove the trees while reducing the risk of cross-contamination.

2. They Can Make Sure the Stump and as Many of the Roots Are Removed to Prevent Sucker Trees from Sprouting

Another reason why you should have a service take down the diseased trees is that they can remove the trunk and make sure that as many of the roots are removed as well. Without the right equipment, you would never be able to get rid of the stump and roots yourself.

If these remnants of the trees are left behind, sucker trees will start to grow from them. Since the disease is most likely still present in the remaining wood, the suckers would also be diseased, which would repeat the cycle and increase the risk of spreading to other trees in your yard.

If you are worried about diseased trees on your property contaminating other ones and need them removed, having a professional service take care of the job helps to minimize the risk of cross-contamination by containing the debris from their removal. The service can also remove the stump and roots to prevent diseased sucker trees from sprouting and repeating the disease cycle. For more information, contact a tree removal service in your area to speak with someone who can help you.