Having trees close to your house can make it feel like a comforting, homey place. That is until a tree falls on your house. Hearing that crash and boom when the tree lands on your roof or comes crashing through the wall can make you jump. But then, once you realize what has happened, you need to take action. What steps should you follow after a tree lands on your home? Take a look.

Get everyone out.

If the inside of your home looks normal, it can be tempting to just stay inside and keep living as usual. But all it takes is another strong wind or some vibrations from traffic, and the tree may collapse further, causing more damage and danger. It is therefore best to get everyone out of the house and find another place to stay — at least until the damage can be assessed and a professional tells you it's safe to be in your home.

Take some photos.

You should not go climbing around too close to the tree to get any detailed shots, but do take a few photos of the tree on the house from further back. These images should show the tree's roots or stump, and they should give a general idea of what part of the house the tree has landed on. Having a photo or two to send to your insurance company and tree care service is often easier than trying to verbally describe where the tree has landed. Plus, photos are evidence of when the incident occurred, which you may need if you file a claim with your insurance.

Call your homeowners insurance company.

Give your homeowners insurance company a call, and let them know what has happened. They'll tell you, generally, whether you can file a claim. They may have some restrictions on who you can call to remove the tree. For instance, they may tell you that it can only be done by a licensed tree removal company.

Call a tree removal company.

Some tree removal companies offer 24-7 emergency services. Those are the ones you want to call. Even if it is not the middle of the night, an emergency tree removal company will have the proper equipment and skills to remove a fallen tree from a precarious position on your home. Once their part of the job is done, they can tell you who you should call for roofing, siding, and other work.

Follow these steps if a tree falls on your home, and you should be in good shape. Contact a 24-hour emergency tree removal service to learn more.