There are many reasons for removing trees. Sometimes, there is a need for tree removal in order to get rid of a dangerous situation, and sometimes it's more about the overall aesthetics of the yard. You can read about some things that can create a need for tree removal of one or more of the trees you have on your property in this article. Here is more on this: 

A tree is decayed

Tree decay is a serious problem that means parts of the tree are decomposing. A tree that has decay isn't a structurally sound tree and will be at risk of falling. Plus, it can lead to other issues like pest infestations. There are different types of decay that include root rot, sap rot, butt rot, and more. Any type of rot may be a reason to have the tree removed because the tree will be problematic in the future. As decay spreads throughout the tree, it becomes weaker and more at risk of coming down. 

Storm damage has been done to a tree

Another thing that can leave a tree at risk of needing to be removed is being damaged during a storm. The tree may have been affected by strong winds that have torn part of the roots and even caused the tree to lean. Lightning can hit a tree and burn a large portion of it. Flooding can remove so much of the soil from around a tree's roots that the tree is no longer sound. Any storm damage needs to be checked out to see if the tree can be saved. Many times, trees end up needing to be removed because of this type of damage. 

Branches may come down frequently

A sound tree should have strong branches that don't fall. The occasional stress can end up happening that can cause a branch to fall, but if you notice that branches are coming down regularly, the tree needs to be looked at. The tree may have serious issues that would require it to be removed. One thing that can cause branches to regularly fall would be if the tree is located in an area where it isn't able to get the proper amount of nutrients. This can require it to be removed since it won't be able to stay healthy where it is. Having branches fall off the tree can also be dangerous for anyone or anything near the tree.

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