Although many people believe winter is the "correct" time to trim trees, that's not a hard and fast rule. It's often possible to trim trees year-round, although certain trees may benefit from trimming during periods of growth or dormancy. Still, while tree trimming is an important service during every season, winter is a particularly good time to schedule an annual trimming. 

If you don't normally trim your trees or you're wondering about the best time to schedule your next trimming appointment, check out these three reasons why winter can be a wonderful time to cut back your home's trees.

1. You'll Get a Better View

Tree trimming is both an aesthetic and functional task. Trimming your trees can help them look neat and clean, but it also keeps them healthy and ensures that dead branches don't become a hazard. However, spotting problems with your trees during the growing season can be challenging, especially if you have healthy trees with lush foliage.

Winter provides a much better view, providing professionals with a great view to evaluate your trees. Without foliage to get in the way, it's easy to spot dead or dying branches or other problem areas that you may need to cut back. You'll also get a better view of your tree's structure, allowing you to make aesthetic trimming choices more easily.

2. You'll Get Protection From Dangerous Weather

Most people worry about their trees coming down when severe summer storms blow in, but winter is also a tough time for your trees. Winter weather can often bring high winds, and the weight of snow can stress weakened branches. Even worse, cold temperatures can lead to dangerous conditions such as freezing rain that coats your trees with a thick layer of heavy ice.

These stresses can cause weak branches to snap and fall, potentially causing damage to your property or injuring the tree. An expert tree trimming service can identify any weak spots and cut them away before they become a hazard during a storm. Taking care of this maintenance task early in the winter ensures that snowy weather won't bring your trees down.

3. You'll Protect Your Trees

Trimming is an important task to keep your trees healthy and strong. Contrary to popular belief, professional trimming is highly beneficial to your tree and can encourage more growth. However, trimming can still stress a tree, so it's important to minimize that stress to keep your trees as healthy as possible. Since most trees are dormant during the winter, there's less stress involved in trimming them during this period. Likewise, it's harder for diseases and pests to take hold during cold weather. These two factors often mean that winter trimming is less likely to cause unnecessary stress for your trees.

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