If you have a dead tree in your yard, it is important that you remove it. The tree may have a disease that can spread to other trees in your yard. Removing a tree can be difficult and dangerous, especially if it is large. Because of this, hire a tree and stump removal company to do the job for you. Below are steps they will take to get the tree out.

Cut it Down

Before they cut down the tree the tree removal company will start out by removing as many branches as they can.  This will make it much easier to cut the tree down. Once all branches are removed, they will then cut the tree down in sections. They use special equipment to get to tall trees. Doing this in sections is much safer than cutting the entire tree down.  

When the tree care service is finished, they will stack the wood up and remove the branches for you. If the tree did not have any diseases, you can keep the wood yourself. You can also grind up the wood to use it as mulch on a flower garden. Mulch is beneficial as it retains moisture. Tree mulch works great because it breaks down on its own so you won't have to remove it. 

Remove Stump

When the tree is removed you will be left with a tree stump. You can leave the trump in the soil if you want but this can be unsightly. Instead, hire a stump removal company to help you. The tree removal company may also offer stump removal services. How the trump is removed will depend on how large the tree was. If the tree was small the tree stump removal company may use an ax to remove it. If the tree was large, they have a grinder they can use to grind the stump down until it is gone. If there are tree roots left the contractor will cut these with an ax and remove as many roots as they can.

When they are finished you will be left with a large hole in your yard. To take care of this you can plant new grass there. Fill the hole up with soil and purchase grass seed. If you are not sure what type of grass you have, take a sample of your grass to a landscape contractor or a garden center and they will tell you the name of your grass, so you purchase the right type. After planting the grass lightly water it. You should not have to water the grass further unless you have a drought. 

For more information on stump removal, contact a company near you.