A tree service company usually works to save a tree if possible rather than cut a tree down when it is troublesome or sick. However, when a tree threatens your home, it may need to be removed even if it is healthy. Here's a look when you may want to talk to a tree service about removing a tree that's growing too close to your home.

1. Trees That Damage Your Roof

If you're dealing with a mature tree that hangs over your roof, you may want a permanent solution. Lower branches grow fast during the summer, and you may deal with shingle damage every year because of branches brushing across the roof. Your roof might also accumulate leaves and twigs as they fall from the tree. You might worry about the tree falling or large limbs breaking off during a storm.

A tree service can help you decide if removing the tree is the best option. They might just want to remove a limb or trim back some branches to keep the branches away from your roof.

2. Trees That Damage The Foundation Of Your Home

When trees grow too close to your house, the trunk can press against the wall or foundation of your home. Roots can also raise or crack the foundation. Removing a tree that's been allowed to grow against the side of your house can be challenging, but a tree care service can usually handle the job.

In addition, tree stumps can often be removed with a stump grinder even if the stump is up against your house. In the case of a tree that's damaging your house, the tree service will probably recommend removing the tree to eliminate the risk of foundation damage.

3. Trees That Create Too Much Shade

Too much shade on your home can cause problems too. Algae might grow on your roof or your siding and make your home ugly. Your home might develop a musty odor and seem dark and dreary due to being in heavy shade. Some shade is helpful as it keeps your home cooler. The tree service may not recommend removing a tree in this situation. Instead, they may want to remove some branches and thin out others so more sunlight can filter through and hit your home.

A tree service can get the trees in your yard in shape so they no longer threaten your home. Mature trees add value and beauty to your land, so you probably want to think carefully before you have one removed. However, in some cases, it's not worth the constant shingle damage and risk of foundation damage, and then a tree needs to be removed.