Living on a tree-lined street that has matures trees can make you feel like you live on the set of a movie like Father of The Bride. While you may enjoy every second being outdoors and really soaking up all of that extra oxygen and shade, you may not realize that your tree needs to be cared for. Trees not only need to be watered on a regular basis, but they also need things like fertilizer and tree trimming. If your tree doesn't get these things, it is more likely to die or get a disease. To help keep your street lined with those picturesque trees, here are a few things that you should do. 

Get It Fertilized

When you go to fertilize your lawn every year, you may use either a spray or pebble-like solution which will naturally absorb into the grass roots and help it flourish. Tree roots are a bit more complex (especially mature tree roots) because they go very deep into the ground. Because of this, it's important that you have your tree fertilized by a professional. Typically, a professional will recommend what is called a deep root fertilizer, where nutrients are essentially injected deep into the roots of a tree to help it stay strong and fight off any sort of potential diseases. 

Get It Trimmed

In addition to getting your tree fertilized, you should also have it professionally trimmed. Tree trimming can do a variety of things, including getting rid of dead branches that are using too much of the tree's water and nutrients, and it can also be used to prevent a tree form getting too heavy. If you live in a part of the country that gets a lot of adverse weather like extreme winds, rain, or snow, then getting your tree trimmed on a regular basis can keep branches from falling or your tree from getting completely uprooted. For instance, if your tree isn't trimmed and a big windstorm happens, branches could break off and fall on yours or your neighbor's house. When you have your tree trimmed on a regular basis, you are essentially preventing this kind of damage from happening. 

When you look out your window at the big tree in front of your house and see that it looks healthy, that doesn't mean that it is or that it should be ignored. Similar to how you would take your child in for a checkup, making sure your tree gets fertilized and trimmed will help keep it alive and flourishing. Check out websites like to learn more.