Do you have a tree that looks like it is struggling? Maybe its branches are looking a bit limp. Some of the leaves are curling or sparse, and the bark just looks dry and delicate. It's hard to know what's wrong with a tree. It may have a fungal disease, or it might not be getting enough water or nutrients. Regardless of the exact cause of the tree's struggles, there are a few tree care services that can benefit the tree.


It might seem strange to cut some branches off a tree that is already struggling, but indeed, this is one of the best things you can do for the tree. A tree care expert can remove the branches that are in the worst condition. This will mean the tree no longer needs to supply those branches with water and nutrition, which means it can send more water and nutrition to the remaining branches. In the months after a good trimming session, you should notice the remaining branches starting to look healthier and happier.

Deep Watering

Sometimes trees do not get enough water, and simply watering the surface does not make a lot of difference. Smaller plants, like the surrounding grass, use the water before it sinks deep enough to reach the tree's roots. A tree care service can deep water the tree. For example, they may decide to inject water several feet below the surface of the ground where only the tree can reach it.

Deep Fertilization

Along with deep watering, the tree service can also inject fertilizer deep below the soil's surface. This will give the tree the nitrogen and other nutrients it needs to grow healthier leaves and branches. Fertilizing the surface, like watering the surface, usually just means you get healthier grass. Going deep into the ground will allow the fertilizer to reach the tree's roots.

All-Purpose Spraying

Another service to consider is having the tree sprayed. Your tree care technician can use a general-purpose spray that gets rid of both fungi and insects. If there is a low-level infection making the tree suffer, or if insects have been feeding on its leaves and causing damage, this should solve the problem.

If your tree has been struggling, don't just ignore the symptoms and hope they go away on their own. Having the tree trimmed, deep watered, deep fertilized, and sprayed with an all-purpose solution can go a long way. Contact a tree service for more information.