Around 30 million Christmas trees are sold in America each year, and if you put one up in your home, you know it requires a lot of TLC, along with the traditional trimming. Not to be left out, the trees in your yard also benefit from attention, particularly in the wintertime. Here's why.

Dead Branches Can't Handle Ice And Heavy Snow

Any overhanging branches, especially those close to your home or garage, pose a threat, in the event of severe weather conditions. For example, once they're all iced-up, branches can crack under the pressure, then come crashing down on any structure or vehicle. Heavy snow, too, makes for a hazardous Winter on trees that aren't properly trimmed, leaving them vulnerable to breakage now or weakening in the future.

Trimming In Winter Prevents The Unfurling Of Infectious Disease

If you tend to have your trees pruned when it's warm out, you should know that diseases and insects are traveling that time of year. They travel from one tree to another, spreading even more if they've been freshly cut. Diseases, fungus, and damaging bugs swiftly invade, leading to destruction and unsightly symptoms. Prune in winter, instead, when such devastating forces are more likely to be dormant. 

It's Easier On The Trees

Trees are mostly inactive once the first few frosts have set in; thus, the trimming won't instigate the healing process, which needs sun, water and various soil nutrients for completion. The cut parts, though, should close up sufficiently by the time warmer weather hits, protecting the tree from those diseases and pests. 

Trimming Is More Accurate Without Obstructive Foliage

Getting trees, shrubs, and other growth trimmed to perfection is challenging when foliage is sprawled about, even for seasoned professionals. That makes the grooming perfect for winter when very few leaves are in the way. Beyond the aesthetics, a tree needs calculated trimming to flourish, too, in order to promote growth in the most natural pattern possible.

Winter Play Is Safer For Children

If you have snow-bound kids in your family, it's better for them to frolic in the fresh white powder after a tree specialist has visited your property. That way, you can be sure the hanging branches pulled down by snow showers can withstand the weight without causing harm to them or the children. If you suspect any tree of being too weak, make it off-limits to the kids and a priority for whatever tree trimming service you hire.

Your Lawn Will Suffer Less Damage, Too

Any tree removal or tree care service you call will likely have, at the very least, a truck to haul equipment in and haul old branches away. If they come in spring, though, your lawn will bear the burden of all that weight, leaving tracks and other damage. Give them a call when the ground's still frozen and your lawn will hardly show signs of the activity.

The Entire Yard Will Be Ready For Spring Landscaping

If you're like most people, especially homeowners who love their property, you can't wait for spring when you rake, dig, plant, and spiff up your assets. Having all the trees properly cropped during winter means that once spring has sprung, everything in your backyard will be ready and waiting. Lignification, a tree's crucial growth process, starts at the end of summer, pauses for the cold, then resumes next year, after thawing ensues. To ensure an uninterrupted cycle, the tree should be as healthy as possible.

Among the hustle and bustle of the holidays, be sure to plan for the trimming of your outdoor trees this winter. While most people don't think of yard work as a cold-weather activity, you now know just how beneficial it is to the trees in your yard.

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