Do you have a tree or two in your yard? Did you know that now is the perfect time to have a professional check your tree over and trim its branches? While a lot of people have their trees inspected and pruned in the spring, late summer or early fall is actually a better time for a number of tree species. Although you have probably never considered "winterizing" your trees because they more or less do that themselves, taking this step is actually a good idea for a variety of reasons. A few of the most important of these include:

Prevent winter storm damage: Whether you get a lot of snow or just rain, winter storms can be devastating for trees. Because they are dormant until the spring, a lot of their branches aren't going to be as soft and as flexible as they would be during the rest of the year. In addition, because spring is when a large number of trees have their sap run, something which can make a huge mess if they are pruned at this time, autumn can be the perfect time to remove branches that would otherwise become damaged. You'll need to talk to a tree trimming professional in order to determine the best time of year to prune your specific trees. 

Spot insect infestations: Spring and summer are when insects are active, hatching, and moving to infest new trees. A tree trimming professional might be able to spot the tell-tale signs of an infestation this early but there's also no guarantee that a cleared tree won't actually become home to a flock of pests after the professional has gone; this could give the pests nearly a full year to do damage. Autumn is still early enough to save a particular tree while also being late enough that no new infestations are likely to occur before next autumn. This will allow you to catch most infestations early enough that the tree can be saved.

Nutritional deficiencies: It can be difficult to tell when a particular tree is deficient in nutrients. The signs of this can be subtle, especially in spring, making diagnosis difficult. In autumn, before the leaves fall from the trees, is a good time for a tree trimming professional to be able to tell whether or not something is amiss. This will be when the fully grown leaves are visible, allowing a professional to see whether there are any anomalies that are concerning. To be sure, a soil sample will be taken and tested but the signs of a serious deficiency are going to be obvious to a trained expert.