Keeping ticks away from your property should remain a major priority of yours. The problem with ticks is that they can stick to the skin while biting humans and animals. These arachnids carry assorted diseases and can potentially infect a person with harmful bacteria that makes them feel sick. There are people who have been diagnosed with Lyme disease after dealing with tick bites. Because these arachnids are quite problematic, you should do what it takes to keep them away from your property to avoid dealing with them altogether.

Always Cut the Grass

If you neglect the grass on your lawn or backyard, you will give the ticks a great place to hide. Ticks like to stay in grassy areas where they can easily go unnoticed. While you still want to maintain fresh, green grass on both your lawn and your backyard, you do not need to keep it too long. If you want to keep the grass from overgrowing, start mowing it at least once each week.

Use Citronella Candles

When you are planning to sit outside, bring some citronella candles with you and light them up. Many people purchase these candles and use them when they want to keep the mosquitoes away because mosquitoes cannot stand the scent of it. However, the citronella candles are just as effective at preventing ticks from getting too close because they do not like the scent either. If you purchase several of the citronella bucket candles, they will last for such a long time and you can constantly use them each time you decide to sit outside of your home.

Have Your Property Sprayed Down

For additional protection against ticks, consider having your property thoroughly sprayed down by a professional pest and tick control company. The individual who comes to treat your home can carefully put a residual insecticide down on the grass that will not kill your grass or cause harm to your or your pets but will certainly kill any ticks that are even thinking about getting close to your property. Depending on the insecticide that is used, you may need to have your home's exterior sprayed down at least once every 4-8 weeks.

You need to keep the ticks away from your lawn and backyard because you do not want to suffer from any tick bites nor do you want anyone else in your household to deal with that kind of problem. If you would like to keep ticks away from you and your loved ones, stay on top of mowing the grass each week, always use citronella candles when going outside, and have your property sprayed down by a pest control company with a residual insecticide.