From definition and shade to value and appeal, adding trees to your landscape design offers many benefits. Of course, some trees are also capable of enhancing your curb appeal even more during different seasons. Even though some trees begin to lose their foliage in the later part of fall, you can enjoy a good amount of color with a few special trees. If you want to add color for the fall season, here are a few trees to consider for your landscape design.

Sugar Maple

The sugar maple tree is considered an ornamental tree, but many experts also feel it is provides enormous shade. One of the greatest benefits of this tree is the color it provides your landscape during the fall season.

As the temperatures start to cool in the early or mid-part of the fall season, the leaves will turn a deep yellow, burnt orange, and red color. This allows the sugar maple to pop out against other elements of your yard.

With this excellent color and height of up to 75 feet, the sugar maple will make a big statement in your landscape design.

Japanese Maple

Because of its ease of growth, it is easy to see why so many homeowners plant Japanese maple trees in their yard.

The Japanese maple is available in shrub forms, which add beautiful texture and color to your yard, but planting the trees will help you incorporate some shade into your landscaping.

During most of the year, the Japanese maple's foliage is very attractive. In the fall, however, the Japanese maple's leaves turn a deep reddish-purple color that is truly unique.


Another excellent option for your yard if you want color throughout the year, especially in the fall, is the sweetgum tree.

Throughout most of the year, the sweetgum's leaves are a deep green with a glossy finish. As the weather begins to cool, the leaves will slowly change to a yellow and purple color.

One surprising fact about the sweetgum is that the foliage remains on the tree later in the year, so you can enjoy the shade and color for a longer period of time.


For a bright and bold yellow during the fall season that will definitely make your yard the envy of neighbors, consider planting a few aspen trees.

Most varieties of aspen trees are easy to plant and grow, but make sure they have enough space to grow and thrive. Aspen trees are known to be tall, but they also have a wide spread.

For fall color that will add appeal and value to your home, plant one or more of these above trees. For professional help with landscaping, contact a company like Greatland Tree Service.