One or more trees planted around your home offer enormous benefits. From an improved curb appeal and home value to shade that helps with energy efficiency, the benefits of attractive, healthy trees are easy to see. Of course, you may not know which trees are right for you or your home because there are so many options available. While it is attractive, the tulip tree is unique for a variety of reasons. Here are a few fast facts regarding the tulip tree.

It Is a Massive Tree

When you think of tulips, you may think of small, delicate flowers, but the tulip tree is actually a large and massive tree that will make a big statement in your yard.

While surprising to hear, it can reach heights of 70 to 90 feet. In addition, its spread at maturity can reach 40 feet wide. Because of its massive size, avoid planting the tulip tree too close to your home's exterior, power lines, or other outdoor structures.

It Flowers

You can expect the tree to begin flowering in the late spring or early summer. The flowers may cover the entire tree or be hidden inside the tree's foliage.

The flowers will be yellow or green in some cases. You will also notice an orange band wrapping around the base of the petals on each flower. The flowers resemble a traditional tulip with cup-shaped blooms.

Prune for Perfection

The tulip tree grows tall land wide rather quickly. Because of this, the limbs and foliage can appear haphazard at times.

When the limbs and branches begin crossing one another, the tree's overall appearance will be affected. Also, the connecting limbs can block air circulation through the tree, resulting in excess moisture that can lead to fungal growth and pest infestations.

In the late part of winter or early part of spring, use pruning shears to trim off dead, decaying branches. Use the sheers to cut away any limbs and branches that are connecting, as well.

If any areas of the tree appear discolored or decaying, apply a fungicide to the entire tree. This will kill any fungal growth, which improves its look and underlying health.

The tulip tree is a fascinating plant for your yard. While attractive and durable, it will require a bit of understanding and care. This guide and your tree specialists will help you understand and maintain the large and beautiful tulip tree. Contact a tree service, like The Tree Lady Company, for more help.