Caring for the trees on your property can be an easy-to-overlook task. However, caring for your trees can be essential for maintaining the appearance of your yard and the value of your property. If you have rarely given this much thought, you might be overlooking a couple of basic tips when it comes to caring for the large trees on your property.

Prevent Erosion Around the Trees

Soil erosion can be a major problem for trees. Without their roots being anchored in the ground, these heavy plants can be at a high risk of tipping over. Unfortunately, soil erosion can expose much of the root system, and this can prove to be very destabilizing. In order to help minimize this risk, you should perform regular visual inspections of the soil around the base of your trees. If the soil appears to be eroding and exposing the roots of the tree, you will need to add more soil and hire a landscaper to identify the source of the erosion issue. Often, the use of gravel or gutters can help to prevent the soil from around the roots of your trees from being eroded.

Avoid Encouraging the Roots to Grow Toward the Surface

In addition to preventing soil erosion, it is important for you to avoid accidentally encouraging the roots to grow toward the surface. Often, individuals may do this by failing to thoroughly saturate the soil when they water the trees. If you fail to thoroughly saturate the ground, the roots will start to grow toward the surface in an effort to get close to the water. Additionally, you will need to be careful when fertilizing the tree, as the same problem may occur. To combat this, you should only use deep-root fertilizer. This fertilizer comes in a series of spikes that can be inserted deep into the soil, which will help to minimize this risk. If you are concerned about damaging the roots when inserting these devices, you can hire a professional tree-care professional to perform this work for you.

Protecting your trees against some common problems will require you to be relatively well informed about the types of problems that these large plants can be prone to encountering. Knowing the dangers that can be presented by soil erosion and the steps that can be taken to minimize the risk of the roots growing toward the surface will allow you to be in a better position to care for these important plants.