Did you know that when you have a tree removed, the cost doesn't include stump removal or grinding? It costs more to have the tree removal company remove and dispose of the stump, but it is typically the easiest solution. However, if you want to remove the stump yourself, you can by following these simple steps.

What You Need:

  • Drill
  • Long drill bit
  • Chemical stump remover
  • Ax
  • Shovel
  • Topsoil (optional)
  • Grass seed (optional)


  1. Attach a long drill bit to your drill.
  2. Use the drill to drill evenly spaced holes all over the top of the tree trunk. It's important to use a long drill bit to drill the holes, because you want the chemicals that you use to reach as much of the stump as possible. Also, by drilling evenly spaced holes, it's easier for the stump to absorb the chemicals.
  3. Read and follow the directions included with your chemical stump remover to prepare the chemicals and apply them to the stump. You'll be pouring the chemicals into the holes that you drilled, but you also need to follow any other instructions included with your specific chemical stump remover.
  4. Let the chemicals sit on the stump until you notice that the stump is starting to decay. Keep in mind, the chemical stump removal process is not a fast solution. The chemicals that you apply to the stump speed up the decaying process, but the amount of time it takes for the stump to actually decay will depend on the size and condition of the stump.
  5. Use an ax to remove any softened or rotted wood from the stump. Ideally, you'd like the stump to be as close to ground level as possible.
  6. Use a shovel to pry the remainder of the stump out of the ground. As you expose the roots, chop them off of the stump and pull them from the ground. You may need to cut the roots into smaller, manageable pieces as you work.
  7. If desired, fill the hole in your yard with topsoil and cover it with grass seed so that grass will grow where the stump was located.

Remember, while using a chemical stump remover to get rid of your tree stump will work, it does take awhile and it may not be the best option for people with pets or small children. If you have small children or pets that will be near the stump as it's rotting, you should consider having the stump removed and ground by a professional like Tree Landers. This way, the stump is removed and disposed of immediately and your loved ones and/or pets aren't exposed to harsh chemicals.