Removing a tree on your property can be a lot of work, and there is still a potential for damage while having the job done. Because of this, you may want to take action to prevent any potential damage and keep your property safe. Here are the basic steps you can do to protect your property and landscaping when having a tree removed from your property:

1. Clear The Work Area Of Any Debris And Obstacles

Accidents can always happen, but it is important that you do what you can to prevent them. Before you contact the tree service to remove a tree, clear away any obstacles that may be in the way and can cause incidents. If there are any loose tree materials, move it out of the way to clear the way for the tree service to begin.

2. Remove Landscaping That May Be A Problem When Tree Limbs Fall

While some of your landscaping may be easily be moved, there are some plants that you may want to try to save. The plants can include flowers, bushes and other life that forms a part of your landscaping design. Before you have a tree removed, transplant landscaping plants in large pots to be able to move them and keep them safe. Make sure that the pots are large enough for the type of plants and try to move entire plants with their root-balls and soil.

3. Cover Anything That Cannot Be Moved With A Plastic Tarp

Covering some features that cannot be moved can be a good way to protect your property. This can be fixed landscaping features like a small pond and permanent structures. In addition, if you have any windows near the area where the tree is going to be removed, consider covering them with plywood to prevent glass from being broken.

4. Using Plywood To Protect Objects And Your Green Lawn From Falling Debris

In addition to the windows, there may be other features in your landscaping that you want to protect with plywood. Maybe you have a small rock garden, figurines and other garden features. Covering them with plywood can be a simple way to protect them. For large objects, built a simple plywood box to place over them.

With a few basic steps, you will be able to protect your property from any potential damage. If you are ready to remove a tree, get organic fertilizer to help patch any of the bald spots that falling debris can leave in your grass.  Professional tree services, like Phoenix Tree Service, can give more information.