When you have a tree that needs to be cut down, a tree service will typically remove the tree, grind down the stump and lay soil and grass seed in its place to give your yard a clean appearance. If you prefer a look that is a little more eclectic, however, there's no harm in asking the tree service crew to leave a stump for you. You can even request how tall you want the stump to be. Once the tree service crew leaves, you can get busy transforming the stump into something that adds visual appeal to your yard. Here are some ideas to pursue.

Bird Bath

If you try to encourage birds to visit your yard through the use of bird feeders and bird houses, adding a bird bath is an additional point of focus for your feathered friends. Make sure the tree service crew leaves the top of the stump flat and smooth. You can then simply place a heavy bird bath onto the stump; there's no need to go to any elaborate lengths of attaching it to the wood. Fill the receptacle with water, and then sit back and watch for the arrival of the neighborhood's birds.

Flower Planter

A tree stump can also serve as a natural-looking planter for a bunch of brightly colored flowers. This project works best if the stump is partially rotten. If this is the case, use a metal trowel to dig out the center of the stump and remove all the excess pieces of wood. You can then fill this void with potting soil and plant your favorite annuals the help boost the overall look of your yard in a creative manner. If the stump isn't dead, it will be difficult to hollow out the center. However, the stump will rot over and you'll eventually be able to perform this task.

Natural Table

Depending on the diameter and the location of the stump, it can serve as a natural table for your yard. Imagine placing two outdoor chairs next to the stump and using it for your lunch or coffee cup. It's a fitting way to pay tribute to the tree that likely provided your yard with shade over the years. Want to spend time with nature in a different way? Think about taking your laptop outside, placing it on the stump and using it as an occasional makeshift desk for when it's too nice outside to spend time on the computer inside.

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