Tree stumps can pose numerous problems to you and your lawn. If you're on the fence about getting rid of a tree stump that is present on your lawn, take into consideration just a few of these reasons to get rid of a tree stump that's parked on your property.

It Can Be Dangerous

A tree stump doesn't necessarily have to be a large blight on your property. It can be small or even obscured. This can be dangerous. Tree stumps that are small have a propensity to make people trip. This can wind up causing you numerous problems. In addition to the fact that such trip and falls can cause you physical pain, you may find yourself liable for damages in a personal injury suit if the tree stump was the cause of some one else's physical pain. They can also be dangerous for children. Larger stumps can attract children due to the fact that they can play upon it.

They Take Up Space

Tree stumps can wind up taking up a lot of space on your property. With space being a commodity, think of a tree stump as something that is taking money away from you. Envision, in place of the tree stump, the litany of other things that could be occupying that space. This could be anything from a small garden to a nice bench. In metropolitan areas where space is definitively at a premium, think of all the extra room you could have on your lawn where the stump once occupied.

Insects Can Infest Them

Tree stumps will rot over time, considering that they are essentially part of a dead tree. However, this is not necessarily a good thing, and the stump should be professionally moved. A rotting tree stump, for example, can be the impetus for an insect infestation in your lawn. Beetles, ants, termites, and a litany of other wood boring insects tend to make rotting stumps their homes, as they can provide them with a base of operation, as well as nourishment. An isolated insect infestation may not seem like a huge deal, but take into consideration the fact that they can make other parts of your property – or house – their home.

If a tree stump is occupying space on your lawn, it is highly recommended that you call on the handiwork of a local and trusted professional tree removal service. To learn more, visit a website like