When you're a homeowner that wants to remove diseased or unwanted trees, as well as stumps, your next landscaping project should be tackled by an expert. Though some vegetation and tree types can be safely handled by a homeowner with a little experience and tools on-hand, most tree and stump removal jobs should be handled with someone with expertise. An expert has the experience, equipment, and skills to tackle any tree or stump safely, and with the most minimal chance of damage to personnel or property. So if you're ready to make things look great in your backyard, here's a few reasons you need to hire a professional like Buskirk Tree Service to get started.

Too Many Risks Involved

Tree removal is not only a risky venture due to the need of using power tools at tricky angles and extensive heights, but because falling limbs and debris can be both a hazard and potential for disaster. Tree limbs and branches can extend over neighboring property, power lines, and roofing, causing costly damages when they fall. And if you're taking out larger sections of a tree trunk or making an entire tree come down at one time, the logistics involved in creating a safer drop zone can be difficult in residential situations.

If you're removing an unsightly stump that exists from a previous fall or tree removal, hiring an expert is also the fastest, safest, and can be the most cost effective method of stump removal. Stump grinding is extremely dangerous and should only be handled by personnel trained to use grinding equipment. And though burning and chemical degrading can remove an old stump for a more reasonable rate than hiring a pro, the results are not speedy or consistently effective.

Experts Know Their Stuff

Experts have extensive experience in handling logistics and equipment used during dangerous circumstances. But professionals that do tree and stump removal also have the expertise required to identify arbor species, pest infestation and diseased organisms, as well as the equipment and machinery needed to handle specific types of plants and stumps. This is crucial to maintaining safety in removal and healthy landscape growth later on. And an expert can tell you why you should or shouldn't have a specific organism trimmed or removed completely, including how effective different methods will be at eliminating future growth or foundation problems.

Because an entire tree can have both extensive roots and canopy, removal of any species needs to happen in a controlled and methodical way in order to ensure minimal damage to your home and any surrounding areas or property.